Big Update <3

This year I have decided to continue to invest in what makes me happy. And that is my blog. Although not consistent content yet, I love writing for my blog. I love sharing this with everyone and my adventures. Like I really am excited for 2021.

First change is the domain.

I officially have a domain for the blog. We now reside at and this is so exciting!!!!!!! And with this, I now have a proper freelance email: – Which is now live. This is the official email for collaborations and PR.


I always seem to struggle with what niche or category I’d label on my blog. I never really thought about it, as I cover such a broad range of subjects. This is now just simply a lifestyle blog. Although I will still make content including fashion, mental health, beauty and travel to name a few.


A big thank you, to everyone who follows, and likes my blog. You are the individuals who keep it possible for me to keep the blog running. For me knowing that I could help someone or inspire them. Makes me unbelievably happy. So thank you all! I appreciate it, and would love to give back. Email me from the email above, subject stating reader thanks, to access an offer.

Coming soon:

I have some things coming soon, if able too, including a few travel posts, fashion posts, sons national pageant post, education update post, future goals post, a collaboration with Photowall, to name but a few.

Check out some recent blog posts:

Mystical Journey πŸ’–

After a very public break up from pageantry. And a long standing battle with mental health and my anxiety. But because of this, I didn’t have anything I enjoyed, even with a complicated relationship. So I did a hell of a lot of research on pageant systems. Trying to find the best system for myself. […]

#reclaimthesestreeets My Story

It’s truly a sad thing to become aware of how women have to make so many changes, in order to feel safe while doing something as simple as just walking home. My partner doesn’t even have to think and will just go out without nearly enough precaution as I take. When I specifically think back, […]

πŸ’‰ Newest Tattoo Addition πŸ’˜

Those closest to me knows how much I loved and needed my β€˜veritas aequitas’ chest tattoo. It was closure for a very dark past. I have much loved this tattoo. However from moving on from its story I’ve chosen to cover it up. I went to Savannah Studios, and sent my ideas to them. They […]

Thank you all x


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