Malignant : Film Review 🎞

*I suggest watching the film yourself, before reading my review, SPOILERS warning*

I stumbled across the move trailer for this horror film on Facebook. Lately, I’ve been enjoying scrolling through the videos on Facebook and the reels on Instagram. As a fan of James Wan directed horror films, I had high hopes for Malignant.

Like every trailer, I always assume and/or think that it won’t be out for a while, at 6 months or so. So when my friend texted me saying it was out, when shall we go a see it. I jumped on this opportunity. I just had to watch it. My initial thoughts after viewing the trailer, was positive. I thought the premise was unique. I also feel James Wan is a director/producer you either love or hate. I happen to love his movies.

After viewing, and even a few nights later as I write this, I’m still thinking about the premise of this film. At first I thought it was going to be centred around ghosts. Boy was I wrong. Even while watching, I never picked up the plot until it was explained in film. Then I could understand and see it. I never noticed the connections between the characters and locations. Like I never would of known the devil character was in the attic, not the sewers like I thought.

Now I have watched a lot of horror films, too many to count. And I was impressed by this unique and never before done story it told. I will be one to re watch this movie again in the future. If you are a fellow James Wan fan, I for sure recommend seeing the Malignant movie.

Boy did I miss writing these short film reviews. Have you guys missed reading them? Shall I start writing ones for Netflix films too? I also welcome films to watch suggestions.

As always, thank you for reading!


The Invisible Man: Film Review

Nearly a month after its release date, I finally managed to get time to check out The Invisible Man in my local cinema. Accompanied with a cinema trip staple; the tango ice blast, mixed with the original 2 flavours.

Since viewing the trailer, I was intrigued. After all the synopsis was very compelling too me, from my past. Refer to mental health blog nov 2017. It’s a relatable story, and horror thrillers that could happen realistically in a future is always a big hit.

It’s a masterfully done portrayal of a domestic abuse survivor. The paranoia is very much real. It really brought back some bad memories. However I couldn’t get over how well made the film is. Certainly worth the wait, from trailer to viewing.

Elisabeth Moss really excels within this lead role. As do the others, but her work just resonated with me. Although the story is a bit confusing, and I’ll be sure to go for a second viewing to straighten out my thoughts on this.

However as science and technology evolves, I could totally see invisibility being possible in the future. If trypophobia affects you, like it affects me, you might find parts of the film a little uncomfortable to watch. This is only down to the suit technology.

It’s certainly up there with my recommended films portraying mental health. Along with Lights Out and Unfriended. Definitely worth the watch for sure.


3 films in 3 days 🎥

This weekend I’ve had the most packed weekend ever. And as the title suggests, yes three trips to the cinema this weekend, to watch three very different films. Just this weekend, a horror, an action comedy and a children’s film.

Friday night, I met up with my friend, I made whilst I worked in a cinema. We often watch horror movies in the cinema together, as we both love horror films. We watched The Grudge. A classic story, remade again. I love the Japanese original, so this was interesting. I found it to be a lot of gore, the story was well written but predictable, and maybe one two many jump scares. However in my opinion, I got most the way through the film, and I found myself thinking, please end. It was a little drawn out, but any horror film, Sam Raimi is associated with, is worth a watch, at least once in my opinion.

Saturday night, I watched The Gentleman. I never saw much about this beforehand, so went in completely blinded. I only knew there’d be good eye candy in it. Charlie Hunnam of course. If a film has the before mentioned celebrity in, I will watch it. That being said, this film wasn’t what I thought it was, but it was an excellent example of storytelling. But it’s not a film for today’s snowflake society. It did contain a lot of slurs, but it fitted the gritty feel of the movie. If they removed them, the movie would not be a good film. However, Hugh Grant should probably stick to romcoms. I would watch this again.

Sunday morning, I took my son, Jackson to watch a film containing his two favourite things: Race Cars and Paw Patrol. We watched Paw Patrol: Ready, Race, Rescue. This is definitely a good day out, with children. It’s not too long a movie, just a slightly longer paw patrol episode really. It also comes with a sneak peak of a new series which will be starting on the Nick Jr channel.

Have you been watching any films this weekend? I’d love to hear about them, via social media. I’m always looking for Netflix movie recommendations also. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog.


Ready or Not: Film Review

‘A satanic take on a classic childhood game’

Boy was this an experience. My first trip to the cinema, alone. Yes, I went to the cinema by myself. I bought myself snacks and a drink from my local supermarket. This was to minimise transfers in the cinema.

My anxiety shot through the roof, for this. But it’s something I needed to do alone. And what better to watch a film I wouldn’t of watched otherwise. Due to no one else being interested in it.

I watched Ready or Not. This marketed as a horror film, is not scary. It’s a very interesting take on satanic cults, childhood games and wealth. But it felt like there wasn’t much effort in the characters or story. Where the violence and gore was done extremely well. In my opinion not well enough, to cover the ending, which tries to be funny. It just doesn’t work. And ruined it for me.

For the premise, violence and gore I recommend a watch, but it certainly isn’t one I’ll be repeating anytime soon.


Escape Room (2019): Film Review

I watched Escape Room last week at my local Vue cinema, with a few old work friends. It was a great chance to catch up, and tick off another movie on my to watch list. This will probably include spoilers, so if you intend to watch the film, please watch the film before reading this review.

The trailer reeled me into this film. The suspense and saw-esque feeling I got from the trailer, hooked me in. For those who don’t know, the Saw films are one of my favourite horror marathons. Another reason why, is because I’m a big fan of Logan Miller’s body of acting work. Such a fan of all the roles he portrays, i.e; The Stanford Prison Experiment, Would You Rather and The Walking Dead. To name a few.

The premise of Escape Room is intriguing. I loved the set up, and the concept. The idea of 5 unlikely characters, brought together, all with a vague similarity, some selfish, some with fear, one over enthusiastic. Five rooms in total. Though the rooms we’re complicated, and there were no hints, I felt left wanting more from some of the rooms. I found a few a little cliché, and wished there was more jumpy suspense. And a bit more gore, death would of been ideal.

The twist, was a pleasant surprise, didn’t expect that. It even caught me by surprise, by the unexpected love relationship between Zoey and Ben. There’s something kind of heartwarming being brought together by a weird common traumatic experience.

One thing for certain is, there will clearly be a sequel, ad I’m hoping that will come with bigger escape rooms, and a bit more suspense. I also hope it will close off and answer questions left by the first film. I also sincerely hope this sequel is the last. I find films that drag them selves too thin, across several sequels, lose their integrity.

Let me know your thoughts if you’ve seen this film.


Bad Times at the El Royale: Film Review.

‘Beautifully Complex’

I’ve been excited for this film, since I first saw a trailer for it. I really hyped it up in my head. So I was happy when I finally got to see it last night. I watched it at Vue, and was very reasonably priced. It’s a well put together cast, and full of upcoming actors and actresses to watch. I saw that it’s received mixed reviews critically, but I didn’t let this cloud my judgement. I went into the screening with an open mind.

This film was visually beautiful. A neo noir feast for your eyes. The plot was a fairly simply concept, but at the same time it was beautifully complex. I can totally see Bad Time at the El Royale becoming a cult classic film, in the future. Dementia isn’t commonly portrayed in the movie industry, and there’s no right or wrong way to portray it.  Stunningly set, in a unique hotel, a hub for bad luck. What’s a unique film, if it doesn’t feature some sort of cult, lead by Billy Lee (Chris Hemsworth’s character).

However, Jeff Daniels does a very real portrayal of Dementia, it gives the movie a whole new feel. Cynthia Erivo and Lewis Pullman, are definitely ones to watch for the future of acting. To me stand out roles. I did feel like seeing Chris Hemsworth was a little disturbing, but he did his role so well. Everyone did. Well done.

Only criticism I have, is how quickly the first character died.  I felt like it was too rushed, and there could of been more of a story build up.  That and it left so many unanswered questions for me. Like who the original killer was, more information about management, the reason why Father Daniel Flynn seemed more into the camera film, then the money.  I’d totally be up for an unofficial remake/sequel, if it answers these questions.

However overall I clearly loved it, I will buy the dvd and watch over and over.  I do recommend this to people, looking to try a new genre of film, or for the fans of cult classics etc. If you do see this, let me know your thoughts via twitter: @RebeccaKLxo




Film Review: Truth or Dare?

After seeing this trailer several times while watching shows on 4OD. Plus the premise intrigued me. I’m a sucker for a horror film. I love many movies that Blumhouse have produced; such as, The Purge films, Insidious, The Belko Experiment, Ouiji: Origin of Evil, Get Out and Sinister. To name but a few.

I must say, I know a lot of critics didn’t enjoy the film that much especially the concept calling it ‘neither inventive nor scary enough to set itself…’ But I personally enjoyed it. You always see the horror films, where a ghost or demon haunts and even possess people. Yes it is just another horror film centred around a group of teenagers. I thought the concept was original although some of the deaths were quite unrealistic. with the lack of blood. But I’d put this down to the age certificate to the film which is a 15. The cast including Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey, all did a pretty good job at their roles. I’m sure it set during spring break was a easy move.

It also awkwardly walked around big taboo subjects, like suicide and sexual harassment. The biggest disappointment though to this film in my opinion, was the ending. It left me very unsure about whether or not it was a clever ending or not.  On one side I thought it was clever to bring the internet and YouTube into that ending. But I felt overall the ending kind of fell a little flat and seemed rushed. Though it’s the first film that leaves the ending open, yet open too wide for a sequel to work.

If you’ve managed to catch Truth or Dare out in the cinemas currently, let me know what you think via social media.



Justice League: Film Review

I’ve been itching to watch Justice League since I saw Batman V Superman, when it came out in the cinema. I’m such a comic book nerd. Especially DC comics. I originally planned to watch Justice League on opening night. However, this was proved difficult, by having a 2 week old baby. So leaving him at the time, would of been out of the question.

I finally got to watch Justice League a few days a ago, with my mum as my partner babysat our son. This was a lovely change, as I look after our son, and do all the night feeds since he was born. This felt like the perfect evening to finally catch Justice League before it leaves the cinema, while my partner bonds with our son.

I avoided reading any reviews of the film prior to watching. This decision was brought on by the knowledge of reviewers being notoriously negative about films in the DC comic universe, for example Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. I went into this viewing with just my own excitement.

To which I absolutely loved the film. The crew and cast did an amazing job with it. Zack Snyder in my opinion, was born to direct these DC comic movie adaptations. The cast worked so well together. Ezra Miller as The Flash had all the funny lines, throughout the film. Ray Fisher brought a new level, to his portrayal of Cyborg. Jason Momoa has made Aquaman cool. As well as Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck returned doing a great job as Wonder Woman and Batman.

I was more happy to see I’m more happy to see Henry Cavill back as Superman. In my opinion it really wouldn’t of been a Justice League movie without him. I was intrigued to see how he would of been included into the film. I was not disappointed.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this film. I found it funny, at times and didn’t lack on the action scenes. I recommend it for comic book fans. I’d love to hear your opinions if you’ve seen Justice League yourself.