men, please do better…

‘Men are certainly the problem.’

This literally happened at 7:45pm last night. And I was so taken aback and uncomfortable, I literally lost my train of thought while I was speaking to my flatmate, who was just as uncomfortable by this incident as I was. I really hope if any men read this, it will be a bit of food for thought, maybe even educate themselves.

I as a 27 year old women, didn’t think I would still get unsolicited advice from a creepy middle aged white male while on the local bus service. Especially during this day and age, you wouldn’t see two men giving unsolicited advice about their body parts. Yet here I am writing this.

I was sat on the bus talking about my tattoos to my flatmate on our way into town. Just between me and her, we was talking about my chest tattoo and clothing. Then while I was in mid sentence, the bloke in question chimed in with, ‘flaunt what you got’ clearly referencing my chest.

I was so uncomfortable, we immediately got off on our stop, and I zipped up my leather jacket. I wasn’t even wearing anything revealing or sexy. Just a blue long sleeved top with a square neckline. It is not okay to but into a conversation that didn’t concern you, and make any comments about a women’s body.

This is a short account, that I wanted to share as it really made me uncomfortable and I feel like I need to call it out. It’s sad that we are in 2021, and this is still thought to be okay.


Crushing Hard… 🌷💋❤️

I got inspired to start writing this post at midnight by hand in my cute little ‘daydreamer’ notebook. I thought could help any readers who are currently crushing on any individual. I’ve just typed this straight up, word for word from my notebook. Though this won’t be as pretty as what I have written in the book, with cute heart doodles on each page. As the title implies, my crush seems to have hit me like a truckload.

*Forbidden love is an enticing concept filled; lust, mystery and temptation*

There is not a undescribable or crazier feeling than the one I get with you. The way my heart skips a beat, or when I play with my hairband on my wrist. The skip in my step , while a sway my handbag. I’d often go shy, not knowing what to say or even the inability to keep eye contact, without getting lost. I get captivated when you enlighten me with new knowledge. There’s always a smile, whenever you like my social media posts. My heart lights up when you smile. It even flutters when your glance is in my direction.

There would be mutual happiness, if we share the same thoughts.Many people think I wouldn’t be happy if this was pursued. I guess you could see this as an open letter. I don’t know if you’d read this, but if you have, this is basically my heart on my sleeve.

If this is all in my imagination, I would rather live in my imaginary domain. In my mind, it’s just a crush. It has to be, but my heart questions it. Nothing could ever happen, even if I dream. What woman wouldn’t want an intelligent man. So I’ll use this as a permanent account, so I can relive feelings that I can never pursue.