Kanturo Eyewear: Product Review

Last Christmas I treated myself to a pair of glasses from Kanturo Eyewear. After seeing all the positivity surrounding this company on social media. This company specialising in blocking blue light rays. These are a surprisingly important buy, in today’s technology driven culture.

Kanturo Glasses πŸ€“

Blue light from device screens, is what can cause eye strain and migraines.

Past designs for blue light blocking glasses, were over cumbersome with thick coloured glass often yellow.

These are stylish, and I most say work. I wear them every evening during my wind down period. And I have noticed a significant difference in migraines, from screen time.

Check out their styles, at reasonable prices on their site.


Blissful Nights 😴

Bedtime Bliss UK approached me to trail one of their products. Which I was super excited to do. They sent me out their bedtime bliss eye mask to trail. Now I’ve had a lot of unsuccessful past eye mask adventures in the past, so much so I had lost all faith in them, to the point where I stopped buying.

I trailed this mask for 7 nights, once it arrived. It came in the cutest, daintiest packaging, which I wasn’t expecting. Simple but straight to the point. The mask is made from foam, and has an ergonomic design, designed to fit comfortably on the face, with an elastic band to keep it fastened around the back of your head. This helps keep the eye mask in place, for sleepers who move around in their sleep.

Their black out quality also is helpful. Especially for those individuals who have partners who wake up earlier then them, and just throw the bedroom light on. Wearing this eye mask there is no interruptions with light, to your sleep. My week I spent using this product, was the best week’s sleep, I’ve ever had.

I recommend this item so much, I’ll include the link here, so you guys can see the product for yourself. It’s a reasonable price, but in my opinion it’s worth it. Let me know your thoughts.


Product Review: Lavender Beauty Products.

I’ve spent the past few weeks trailing two beauty products.Β  Which I’m writing about together, due to their incorporation into my routine and beautiful scented with essence of Lavender. Β  Being a first time mum to a 5 month old, I need to take the 10 minute me time routine I try to incorporate everyday., making sure my skin has recovered.Β  Not only my face from the countless sleepless nights lost to a teething baby. But also my hands. I never really noticed how much work my hands do in one day. So I’m now looking after them, as they really do deserve a break too.

Amphora Aromatics Skincare: Essentials Collection.

I’ve been using a Lavender and Tea TreeΒ  moisturising face lotion by Amphora Aromatics. I’ve already reviewed an essential oil blend by Amphora Aromatics, so my expectations were already pretty high for the brand.Β  I find that a lot of facial creams and lotions are left with a not so pretty smell. That is not the case with this lotion. It’s lavender and tea tree smell, is a pleasant scent in a facial lotion. This product perfectly fits into my nighttime routine, with the relaxing scent.

The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd: Naturally European.

I’ve also been using the Lavender luxury hand cream by The Somerset Toiletry Company Ltd. It’s a definite must have in hand care.Β  I’ve used this every evening before bedtime, so my hands can recover from a days work. It’s again an extremely pleasant scent. Using this at the night time, means the lavender scent is relaxing and calming. It’s also left my hands soft and smooth.

Both products leave you feeling well cared for and takes no time to apply or fit into any existing skincare or hand care routine. I highly recommend these two products. So please do check them out for yourselves. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

~Rebecca Watts

Amphora Aromatics: Product Review

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out an essential oil product from Amphora Aromatics. I saw this brand at a health and beauty blogger event I attended a few weeks back. After talking with the lovely representative, about my blog, my life as a new first time mum, and interest in essential oils, but never knew where to start. She suggested that I try one from their new range; aromatherapy blends.

After my old diffuser breaking, (I accidentally knocked it off a shelf) I bought a cute oil diffuser from Wilkos; Formerly Wilkinsons. It’s white, with heart shapes cut out of it, a quaint little cube shaped one. I love it. With a plain tea light, I used this blend every night,Β  after I set my son down for bed. I used it for that nice relaxing, time before I went down to bed. Until the tea light is burnt out.

They’ve launched their newest aromatherapy blend range. This range includes Focus, Revive, Energise and Sleep. There’s something for everyone. These come in the cutest little bottles, packaged in the cutest little boxes.

I had the honour of testing out the Relax blend. After it was matched to me. It perfectly fitted into my lifestyle as a first time mother. I must say it’s really amazing. I will certainly be getting more! I look after my son all day, while his father is at work, which I have to admit is stressful, and doesn’t give me a lot of time to relax. This oil is made up of a blend, formulated to compliment each other well, so no unpleasant scents. Not that I expected this, but sometimes when you mix smells together they don’t work. This product is the complete opposite. The nice smell, is pretty addictive. It certainly does what it says on the tin.


Here’s a link to their online store, so you can check out Amphora Aromatics, for yourself. I recommend them, to fellow essential oils enthusiasts. They also have a range of products to suit everyone, from aromatherapy products, skincare, creams, gels, balms and wipes, to name a few. All made from natural organic ingredients. The quality of their products are high quality and reasonably priced.

Let me see your products via Instagram, by using #rebeccaklxoAAEO or directly tag me: @RebeccaKLxo and Amphora: @amphoraaromatics.